There is nothing better than celebrating the success of the world of theatre in the UK. As a country, we are proud of theatrical heritage. We are the home of Shakespeare, Wilde and Webber!

The UK is home of some of the worlds best theatre and London is the theatre hub of the world.

On Sunday 8th April, Catherine Tate hosts the 42nd Olivier Award from the Albert Hall in London. Twitter is a buzz. The biggest names of stage and screen are buzzing with anticipation all over Twitter for the awards so the question is, why does it only merit a highlight show on ITV late on Sunday night?

Hamilton lead the way with a recording breaking thirteen nominations at this years awards, the show that has taken the world by storm. We also have some of the great names of screen including Imelda Staunton, Andrew Garfield, Andrew Scott and Bryan Cranston nominated at the UK’s most prestigious stage awards, but apparently the UK does not have a big enough fan base for it to warrant either live coverage or the show to be shown in full at any time.


The issue is, there is an audience for this show. I am not sure what the reasons are for the highlights show which is on at 22:20 on ITV. The BBC is showing the Masters, ITV is showing the Durrells and channel 4 is showing Homeland but where is Sky Arts, BBC4 or ITV3/ITV4? Why can’t we press the red button and watch Live coverage?

There is so much twaddle on the hundreds of channels on television on a Sunday night, not one of them believe that showing the Olivier Awards is worth our full attention. Are we not being loud enough, it the show not quality television? Maybe “Can’t Pay, We will take it away” or another re-run of Friends is seen as much more quality television to the decision makers. Maybe ITV are hogging the TV rights to the show.

Will we see a UK Hamilton Tour in 2019_


I would like some answers and next year I am sure you would agree with me that we have a full broadcast of the Olivier Awards 2019.

Would you like to see full coverage?


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