We love the West End, in fact, I wish I could spend more time in the West End. The problem is, London is expensive. Travel, eating, drinking and of course buying tickets can all rack up the pounds, sometimes it is just better to stay at home.

With the UK being blessed with so many fantastic theatres, it is always a pleasure to see so many good productions touring the UK.

With Les Miserable and Motown the Musical already announced to tour, and Matilda already doing the rounds. We can start to dream of other productions we would love to see tour in 2019!

5, Lion King

Nearly seven years since it last tour, putting a production on that has already done a round on a list like this but the Lion King the Musical was such a huge tour that another tour would be just as highly anticipated.

If Disney’s number one theatre production does tour again in 2019, then it will coincide with the live action release of the new Lion King film directed by Jon Favreau (Jungle Book, Wimbledon).

The Lion King is still one of the West Ends most popular productions. A tour does make sense as it will be one fantastic way of celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in the UK.

4, Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s critically acclaimed masterpiece has taken the world by storm. Telling the story of Alexander Hamilton, the show transferred to the West End in late 2017, even after some delays of the preview shows. 2017 was also the year the US saw Hamilton tour, two years after it hit Broadway.

If a similar pattern was to follow, we could see a Hamilton tour. Unfortunately, this is not too likely to happen, this is why Hamilton only makes it to number four in our top five.

3, Big Fish the Musical

Big Fish the Musical was not a critically acclaimed but did receive a good reaction from the audience. The West End production starred Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser, Cheers, X-Men) for a short run during the festive period of 2017.

Even though a regional tour will be unlikely to star Kelsey Grammer, a tour could happen and on a smaller scale could have a larger impact with regional critics.

Big Fish is a fun show which would be perfect for a tour, it is unlikely we will see it return to the West End any time soon, it may be turning up on your front door in 2019.

2, The Book of Mormon

One of the surprise musical sensations, The Book of Mormon come from the creators of South Park, an animation that help shape a generation. Try Parker and Matt Stone were already known for their take on politics and religion through their animated series, this transferred to the stage. The show first hit Broadway in 2011 and a year later participated in a four year tour of the states.

In 2013 the Book of Mormon came to London, opening theatre up to a new audience while entertaining a more familiar West End audience. It is a surprise this show has not toured yet, five years on and it is only a matter of time until it will.

With a backdrop which is less complicated than other productions on the list, The Book of Mormon could be a favourite to regional theatre goers.

1, Dreamgirls

Dreamgirls is a strange one. The show has been on and off Broadway since 1981 as well as touring the United States. It didn’t make it over to British shores until 2016. Dreamgirls has been a West End phenomenon thanks to a solid story and some fantastic casting.

If Dreamgirls is to go on to a regional tour, with the right casting, it could become one of the biggest tours in UK history. On the other hand, with some risky casting, it could become a flop.

Dreamgirls makes it to number one of our list because at this moment in time, it is a show that could do great things for regional theatre and brighten up hundreds of stages.


What would you like to see tour in 2019?


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