The Play is not dead! Audiences may see new musicals as the future of theatre but recently something spectacular is happening. There are currently so many plays to see in London currently, it becomes increasingly more difficult to decide what play you should see.

This Renaissance of plays with so many high profile actors has added more glamour to the industry on stage.

If you are excited about seeing a play but are overloaded with so much choice, let me narrow some of my top choices of plays to see in London.

5, Mousetrap – St Martin’s Theatre

Play's to see in London Mousetrap, scene suspect everyone

Mousetrap is one of the worlds longest running plays and if you have still not seen it, it is now time.
Written by Agatha Christie, this who done it mystery was first performed in 1952. If the test of time is not enough to persuade you to watch this classic Play, just find any reviews and scroll through the scores of five star ratings.

Trust me, you will be playing detective yourself, just do not spoil it for others. There is a very good reason this longest running show is on our list of play’s to see in London. It also shows the depth of shows available.

Find out more here


4, The Woman in Black – Fortune Theatre

The Woman in Black Plays to see in London

If you want a fright, then this is the scariest of all the play’s to see in London. Susan Hill’s interactive scare fest. Since 1989, over seven million people have watched The Woman in Black and have lived to tell the tale.

There is nothing else like this out there on the West End and if you have watched the movie…this is completely different.

The Fortune Theatre is the perfect, intimate setting for a play of the calibre. Go and watch this…if you dare!

Book Tickets here


3, The Ferryman – Gielgud Theatre

The Ferryman Plays to see in London

Oscar winning director Sam Mendes takes the helm on this story.

Set in 1980’s rural Ireland, the production tells the story of an unexpected visitor who interrupts the Carney family’s traditional harvest preparations with important news.

Already full of rave reviews, The Ferryman is a play not to miss before the run ends in May 2018.

Do not miss the gripping play, not to be missed.

Don’t miss this. Find out more here!


2,  King Lear – The Duke of York’s Theatre


King Lear is the most anticipated play of 2018. Sir Ian Mckellan takes the lead role, returning to the London stage.

When an elderly monarch divides his kingdom between his three daughters, it begins a shocking downward spiral of frailty, madness and losing everything.

If you are a fan of great theatre or great acting, ticket sales already suggest the public can not wait to see this adaptation of a Shakespeare classic.

Get your tickets here


1, Killer Joe – Trafalgar Studio

Killer Joe Plays to see in London

Killer Joe is another amazing play announced starring Orlando Bloom.

The Smith family hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch for her insurance money. They hire Joe Cooper, a police detective and part-time contract killer, to do the job. But once he enters their trailer home and comes face to face with their innocent daughter, the plan spirals out of control…

A tense, gut-twisting thriller, Killer Joe, directed by Simon Evans (The Dazzle and Bug at Found111, The Best Man) asks where the moral line is drawn in the fight for survival.

Killer Joe plays a strictly limited 13-week season from Friday 18 May – Saturday 18 August at Trafalgar Studio 1.

Don’t miss this limited run. Find out how to see Killer Joe here

There you have it, if you are lucky enough to watch one of these plays you must see in London, you will be i for a treat.

Have you seen any of our top five? What would be your picks?



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